Foundation Board

Małgorzata Adamkiewicz

Małgorzata Adamkiewicz President of the Foundation’s Management Board

The pharmaceutical sector plays a major role in the economy and has direct impact on the quality of our lives. In view of the fact that our society is ageing, we need to ensure the best possible education and a high standard of living for both present and future generations.

We want to actively participate in shaping youth awareness. Young people are facing the most important choice in their lives.

Through our activities in promoting science, we encourage them to take on new challenges and introduce them to the exciting world of the physical and life sciences.

We believe that young people are the future of Polish innovation.

Maciej Adamkiewicz

Maciej Adamkiewicz Vice-President of the Foundation’s Management Board

We established the Adamed Foundation in 2014 to provide support for research and development, scientific, and educational activities in the field of the physical and life sciences.

To this end, the numerous educational initiatives we have launched are intended to help young, ambitious, and talented individuals in pursuing their passions and realising their dreams.

Katarzyna Dubno

Katarzyna Dubno Member of the Foundation’s Management Board

The purpose of the Foundation is to promote the idea of sharing knowledge. This includes encouraging cooperation and integration of the academic community and the pharmaceutical, medical, and biotechnology sectors.

 We also strengthen collaboration between entities with similar goals and purposes in Poland and other countries.